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Index Color Separation
This is a process of choosing a few colors to represent millions of colors that built up an image/design. It breaks down millions of colors into a few colors that BEST represent an image when they are printed back together on a t-shirt.

Choosing the correct color, how to…?
Choosing the best set of color to represent an image is extremely crucial to obtain good print result. Have the primary & secondary color concept clear and index color separation will be as easy as 123. Light blue, midtone blue and dark blue, which blue should I choose?...

“Separate Separation”, force the colors to appear as the way you want it to be, how to…? Eliminate a color appears in an area where you don’t want it to appear, making that area looks dull. How to purify?

Black appear too little during Index separation, how to…?
Black appear too little in the dark blue area where it should be more, I need black to spatter more in the dark blue area.

Not enough color/print head for highlight white, how…?
Can I print a design without a highlight white?

Halftone dot pattern exist together with diffusion dither pattern, how…?
I encounter an oil painting design with detail texture and a smooth (gradations) shadow. I need diffusion dither dot pattern for the oil painting area and halftone dot pattern for the shadow. Is that possible?

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